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What S&B Helical Can Do For You

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Better projects start with better design.

At S&B Helical we offer turnkey foundation services, from planning and design to installation and support. Our dedicated structural and civil engineering team works with you to uncover soil conditions, examine loading and environmental factors, and ensure you have a complete engineering picture of your foundation. 
All the results of our investigations are provided to you in a detailed report that clearly outlines our discoveries and recommendations. 
Our Design & Engineering services include:● Torque profile testing and analysis to determine soil bearing capacity at project site● Examination and interpretation of geotechnical reports to predict soil conditions● Foundation design based on load specifications and soil conditions

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A nationwide network of vendors, at your service

Your projects won't always be located near a major center where materials are easy to source. That's why our expert procurement team has identified the best sources for materials across North America, to suit any project or climate.
Our extensive network of vetted and high-quality vendors ensures we can find you the best sources for helical piers and other materials. This means you get the materials you need, when you need them, at a cost that works for your budget.

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Foundations installed by seasoned experts

We believe the number one reason our clients trust us is because we invest in our team. The experienced and friendly folks here at S&B Helical have installed tens of thousands of helical piers since 2015, and that number grows every day. With a dedicated crew of seasoned employees and an obsessive focus on providing phenomenal helical pier foundations, we're ready to make your installation a breeze.  
Our team can provide expert services in engineering, load testing, surveying, welding, fabrication, and more. And if you just need a straightforward helical pier install, we can do that too. 
Whatever your project, wherever the location, whenever you need it, our team will be there.

Industries S&B Helical Serves

While helical pier foundations can be used for virtually any project, here at S&B Helical our team of experts focuses on energy storage & renewables, oil & gas, and transmission & distribution projects

Energy Storage & Renewables

Two large yellow excavators working in field installing helical piers with S&B helical employees monitoring installation.

Helical Piers & Renewable Energy - A Perfect Match

Oil & Gas

Two S&B helical employees monitoring installation of helical pier from a helical drive attached to an excavator.

Everything to Know About Helical Piers for Oil & Gas

Transmission & Distribution

Eleven large diameter helical piers sticking out from ground

How Are Helical Piers Used in Transmission & Distribution?

Benefits of Helical Pier Foundations

Engineered, Tested, Approved

We source our helical piers from high-quality manufacturers right here in North America. Every component is tightly engineered for the best safety and performance possible. And we only source from companies who abide by strict quality assurance procedures.

Environmentally Friendly

Helical piers can use over 900% less raw material than concrete foundations and produce more than 500% fewer C02 emissions. They create zero soil disturbance on installation and will leave no trace behind after they're remove. Because they're made from steel, a helical pier can be 100% recycled at the end of its service life.

Efficient & Economical

While helical piers aren't designed to be a "budget foundation", their efficient design often makes them an economical choice over-all in most projects. They install significantly faster than other foundations in 99% of cases, meaning you'll save money by expediting your timeline and building sooner.

Safe, Speedy, Streamlined

Because helical piers don't require excavation, drilling, pile driving, or concrete work, it's safer and easier to install helical piers. This means you'll be building sooner and without the usual headaches of waiting for concrete to cure or managing bulky equipment on your site.

Helical Piers vs. Steel H-Piles vs. Concrete Piers

How do helical pier foundations compare to the other common foundation solutions available on the market today?

Helical Piers

No disturbance to the soil or surrounding buildings during install due to lack of vibration.
Can be quickly and easily uninstalled from the ground, leaving no trace.
Requires minimal amounts of common equipment like excavators and skidsteers to install, reducing mobilization costs.
Produces fewer emissions because it uses less equipment and personnel required to transport and install helical piers.


Hammering piers into the ground for installation causes site disturbance and risks building damage via soil vibration.
Must be excavated for uninstallation, leading to costly site remediation.
Demands bulky equipment like pile drivers and cranes to install, which can increase mobilization costs and overall foundation price.
Can increase overall emissions of your project due to requiring more equipment and personnel to be transported and work on site.

Concrete Piers

Requires heavy raw materials and equipment to haul and install
Can take days or weeks to fully cure and be ready for loading
Pre-cast concrete piers are brittle and awkward to transport
Environmentally costly material with a very high carbon footprint
Removing piers will require excavation, site disturbance, and mess

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