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Helical Pier Foundations for Transmission & Distribution Projects


Why use helical pier foundations for transmission & distribution?

Helical piers have been used for decades in the T&D industry to provide faster, better, more efficient support for structures and equipment.
Their unique design means there’s no displacement to the soil. No extensive excavations or spoils to haul away. No waiting for concrete to cure. No endless truck loads of heavy pile-driving or concrete-pouring equipment.

    Faster and more efficient installation

    Creates no vibrations or damage to existing infrastructure

    Does not require deep excavation or hauling spoils

    Long service life (over 100 years) and excellent resistance to corrosion

    Can be installed in loose, sandy, or saturated soils (even underwater)

    Installs in virtually any weather condition, even in the rain

    No curing time - use the foundation immediately after install

    More environmentally friendly than other foundation solutions

Helical Pier Foundations for Transmission Projects

Versatile and wildly-capable, here's some of the places engineers are using helical pier foundations in energy transmission projects.
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Overhead Transmission Lines


Supporting towers of steel that hold essential infrastructure is a serious task, so you need a serious foundation to match. Skip the excavation, mess, and waiting, that comes with concrete. Helical piers have tremendous axial and lateral capacity, can be easily installed in tough-access locations, and have a service life that could be measured in centuries.



Transformers are big, heavy, and demand a foundation with big axial capacity to prevent sinking or shifting. Considering much of the soil in America has poor support, it's not surprising more power companies are switching to helical piers. Even in saturated or loose soil, a helical pier's unique design makes it an unyielding foundation.

Dead End Frames


Dead end frames carry heavy loads and are subjected to challenging structural forces. They're also typically built in less than ideal soil conditions and in difficult locations. Helical pier foundations provide enormous axial and lateral load capacities, while being far less time-consuming and frustrating to install compared to other solutions.

Communication Towers


Stay in reliable contact with your sensors and monitors by putting your communication towers on a reliable support. Typical foundation solutions for towers, like concrete, are slow and awkward to use in remote locations. Helical piers can be installed in hard-to-access jobsites and provide unrivalled support for tall and narrow structures.

Helical Pier Foundations for Distribution Projects

Electrical distribution projects can be located in densely-populated or sensitive areas where it's important to cause as little disturbance as possible.
Helical piers provide powerful support while being virtually silent to install compared to other solutions.
Want to know more about how you can use helical pier foundations for your transmission project? Click the button to talk to one of our foundation experts.

Circuit Breakers


Helical piers ensure the safety of the circuit breakers by providing a sure-footed foundation for circuit breaker banks in distribution stations. They can even be installed in tight confines around existing equipment, so you're never limited by location.

Voltage Regulators


Even though voltage regulators can be heavy and awkward, supporting them is easy with helical piers. High axial capacities can be achieved with comparably lightweight helical piers and installation equipment. That means your project can be done faster and easier.  



Capacitors come in a range of sizes and configurations. So it's a good thing that helical pier foundations do, too. Whether it's just a few capacitors or an entire bank of them, helical pier foundations can be value-engineered to provide the most efficient support possible. Your foundation will be custom-fit to your exact project requirements.

Local Transmission Lines


Not only do local transmission lines need to be unfailingly reliable, you also (usually) can't create excess noise or vibration when installing them in densely populated areas. Because helical piers install in virtual silence and have zero impact on existing infrastructure, they're a perfect foundation for local transmission lines and hydro poles.

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FAQ: Helical Pier Foundations for Transmission & Distribution

  • Can my *insert project here* use helical piers?

    Maybe! In order for us to tell you whether or not helical piers will work for your project, we need to understand your unique needs and challenges.
    No two projects are alike. Before we can tell you if helical piers will (or won't) work for you, our team of experts will need to have a chat and take a look at your project first.
    Good news is, we're always happy to chat! Scroll down to find our contact info and get in touch.

  • Are helical piers strong enough for the demands of T&D construction?

    Absolutely. Helical piers aren't a "fringe technology", they're a tried-and-true foundation solution that's been supporting structures in the toughest conditions since the early 1830's.
    In fact, there's lighthouses over 140 years old that are still standing on wrought-iron helical piers! With the advanced materials and installation methods we have today, a helical pier foundation can comfortable support a structure of 1,000,000lbs and beyond.

  • Do I need special permits to use a helical pier foundation?

    In most areas of the United States, helical piers are recognized as a valid (and desirable) deep-foundation solution. Chances are excellent you won't have any issues having a helical pier solution approved for your project.
    However, in the rare instance you do run into problems, our team is outstanding at helping helical foundations receive engineering approval. Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more.

  • How long does it take to install a helical pier foundation?

    There's many factors that influence how long it takes to install a helical pier. The type of structure you're building, conditions at your site, configuration of the foundation, and so on.
    On average however, helical piers will be faster than driven piers and much faster than cast concrete.

  • How do I get a foundation for my transmission & distribution project?

    It's easy! Get in touch with our team of foundation experts using the form below. We make getting a durable and long-lasting foundation for your renewable energy project a breeze from start to finish.

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