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Three founders of S&B helical Chris Carmack, Clayton Carmack and John Lisle.

About S&B Helical

Why a big problem in the foundation industry became the obsession of two U.S. Army veterans

It was the winter of 2014. John Lisle and Clayton Carmack, co-founders of S&B Helical, were both working in the oil & gas industry. John worked Derricks for H&P while Clayton was a Drilling Consultant for Oxy. Neither of them had even heard of a helical pier, until one of their colleagues was on an Exxon construction site and noticed something new: a helical pier foundation.
Their colleague learned that helical piers were a revolutionary foundation solution taking hold in the United States, but at the time there was only one major player... and a big problem.

The problem with a monopoly...

...is that it only serves the company who owns the monopoly. At the time, only one company served the O&G helical pier market. Unfortunately, that operator was charging margins as high as 100%.
Companies like Exxon were frustrated at paying the exorbitant markup, but had no choice.
Until, that is, a colleague of John and Clayton's asked a question that would change their careers:
"Do you want to start a helical pier foundation company and give the market a real alternative?"

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    The answer was an easy one for John and Clayton. They joined forces with Clayton's father Chris Carmack, plus two other investors, and bought the equipment install helical foundations.
    After learning how to install helical piers, they started contracting helical foundations for Exxon across the Bakken in North Dakota.
    2015 would see John, Clayton, and Chris, become the sole owners of S&B Helical. Soon after, Exxon was asking if the team could tackle projects in the Permian and Delaware basins.
    That's when an epiphany struck everyone. Instead of staying in North Dakota, S&B Helical could expand and serve the entire contiguous United States.
    So they did.
    In 2016 the S&B team moved their headquarters to Texas and focused on growing their skill and capability. In the years that followed they would diversify into more sectors of the energy market and establish more than 90 MSA's with clients across America.
    Today, S&B Helical installs thousands of helical piers every year for hundreds of projects in the renewable energy, oil & gas, and transmission & distribution sectors. From muddy fields to dusty deserts, our friendly crews are ready and eager to install your next foundation.

Meet Your Helical Foundation Team

Portrait photo of John Lisle  Co-founder/ Vice president of S&B Helical

John Lisle


John Lisle wears a few hats at S&B as he leads sales, marketing, estimation, and engineering. Identifying growth opportunities, creating and implementing operational strategies, and managing partnerships, are just a few of the things that keep his workday full.

John served in Iraq with the U.S. Army from 2004 - 2005. After deployment, he joined the police force at the Houston P.D. and volunteered with the Spring Volunteer F.D. John graduated summa cum laude from Mountain State University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He lives in Texas with his wife and children.


Portrait photo of Clayton Carmack Co-founder/President of S&B Helical

Clayton Carmack


Clayton Carmack is instrumental in setting the tone at S&B, along with managing financial and strategic planning. He's unrelenting in his focus to ensure the everyone at S&B delivers an outstanding level of service and professionalism. 
Clayton earned a a BBA degree from Mesa State College and served in the U.S. Army in Iraq from 2003 - 2004. After his service he gained experience at various oil companies before co-founding S&B Helical. Clayton resides in Texas with his wife and children, two of whom proudly serve in the U.S. Air Force and Colorado National Guard.


Our mission is to provide you with the most phenomenal helical pier experience possible.


What S&B Helical Can Do For You

Two engineers working on engineer designs on computer in black and white

Better projects start with better design.

At S&B Helical we offer turnkey foundation services, from planning and design to installation and support. Our dedicated structural and civil engineering team works with you to uncover soil conditions, examine loading and environmental factors, and ensure you have a complete engineering picture of your foundation. 
All the results of our investigations are provided to you in a detailed report that clearly outlines our discoveries and recommendations. 
Our Design & Engineering services include:● Torque profile testing and analysis to determine soil bearing capacity at project site● Examination and interpretation of geotechnical reports to predict soil conditions● Foundation design based on load specifications and soil conditions

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A nationwide network of vendors, at your service

Your projects won't always be located near a major center where materials are easy to source. That's why our expert procurement team has identified the best sources for materials across North America, to suit any project or climate.
Our extensive network of vetted and high-quality vendors ensures we can find you the best sources for helical piers and other materials. This means you get the materials you need, when you need them, at a cost that works for your budget.

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Foundations installed by seasoned experts

We believe the number one reason our clients trust us is because we invest in our team. The experienced and friendly folks here at S&B Helical have installed tens of thousands of helical piers since 2015, and that number grows every day. With a dedicated crew of seasoned employees and an obsessive focus on providing phenomenal helical pier foundations, we're ready to make your installation a breeze.  
Our team can provide expert services in engineering, load testing, surveying, welding, fabrication, and more. And if you just need a straightforward helical pier install, we can do that too. 
Whatever your project, wherever the location, whenever you need it, our team will be there.


Helical Foundation for 1,000,000LB Slug Catcher

How helical piles helped save this client over $100,000 and 2 weeks on their foundation

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