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A Better Foundation Solution For Energy Storage Systems

Helical pier foundations are quickly becoming a go-to solution to provide faster, safer, more efficient support for energy storage installations across the United States


A revolutionary foundation for revolutionary technology

Hundreds of millions of dollars of energy storage projects are being planned and executed in the United States in 2024. It's fair to say the energy storage market isn't just booming - it's exploding. Unfortunately it's not all good news for the industry and the billions of dollars that are getting ready to invest in it over the next few years.
In fact, there's a big problem under the surface...

The problem with energy storage construction in America

Energy storage construction has a problem in the United States.
Many projects are using foundation solutions like poured concrete or driven steel piles. While there's nothing inherently wrong with these foundation technologies, the reality is they may not be the most efficient foundation solution for your project.
In some cases, these foundations are actually causing costly delays and other challenges when it comes to the demanding structural support requirements of energy storage installations.


The energy storage industry desperately needs a better foundation solution that can build projects faster, safer, more efficiently, and more economically.

Solution: Helical Pier Foundations for Energy Storage Projects

The solution to this challenging foundation question for your energy storage projects is to leave messy concrete and awkward driven piles behind and switch to a foundation technology that's changing the face of renewable construction in the United States: helical pier foundations.
A technology that's existed for nearly 200 years, helical piers have become a wildly popular deep foundation in renewable and energy storage construction. Why? Because compared to concrete or driven piles, helical piers are...

  • Faster and easier to install, increasing efficiency and dramatically reducing time-to-build

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    Offer immense load capacities in hyper-challenging soil conditions, especially soils that are extremely weak or highly saturated and prone to shifting

  • Removal and remediation can be accomplished with the same simple equipment used to install (excavators or skidsteers with a hydraulic drive attachment), making future restoration of the site more economical

  • Environmentally-friendly and uses less raw material (up to 900% less) than a comparable concrete foundation solution (reduces overall CO2 emissions related to construction activities)


What makes helical piers a better foundation for energy storage projects?

Easier Installation

Unlike poured concrete foundations that need bore-holing or driven pile systems that generate noise and vibrations, helical piers are smoothly and quietly turned into the ground by a hydraulic gear motor.

Zero Soil Displacement

Because a helical pier turns into the ground instead of being excavated or driven, it doesn't displace the soil or create piles of spoils that you need to deal with. That means no excavation and no spoils to haul away.

Huge Load Capacity

The action of the soil pressing on the helix plates firmly anchors a helical pier. Because the helix plates are much wider than the pier shaft, their large surface area can provide axial capacities in excess of 1 million pounds.

Minimal Install Equipment

Because a helical pier is installed by turning it into the ground with a high-torque hydraulic gear motor, we can use simple equipment like excavators and skid-steers. No more concrete trucks or cranes tearing-up your site.

Safer for Employees

The minimal equipment and quiet, vibration-free nature of helical pier installation means a safer site for your (and our) employees. Less equipment, less noise, less danger to your people and the environment.


Every element of a helical pier foundation can be tweaked and customized by trained engineers to design a solution that delivers exactly the support your projects needs - nothing more and nothing less.

Engineer Tested & Approved

Helical piers have been extensively studied for almost two centuries and are an accepted deep foundation system used across the globe to support countless industrial-scale projects.

Energy & Environment


Not only do helical piers output far fewer CO2 emissions in terms of raw material and installation, they can be easily removed and recycled at the end of their functional life. An eco-friendly foundation for eco-friendly projects.

How to Get A Helical Pier Foundation Installed for Energy Storage



We'll work with you in-person or virtually to gather the information we need to create the perfect helical solution for your energy storage project.


Design & Estimate

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in helical science, our engineers will create a design that perfectly balances your foundation's safety, cost, and performance.



We extensively train our staff in jobsite safety and conduct, all you'll have to do is be amazed at how fast and quiet we are. The only way you'll know we were there is the ready-to-use foundation we leave behind.


"I've never worked with a safer, more knowledgeable, competent, hard-working, document-control-having, fair & friendly contractor than S&B Helical in my entire career. If you need a helical foundation, you need S&B."

John Spencer | Confidential Client

FAQ: Helical Pier Foundations for Energy Storage

  • Why would I use helical piers instead of another foundation solution?

    There's a wide range of reasons to choose a helical pier foundation for your energy storage project. On average, a helical solutions tends to be more:● Faster● Safer● Easier● Efficient● Environmentally-friendly● Versatile● Durable
    When compared to other foundation solutions.
    No two projects are alike. Before we can tell you if helical piers will (or won't) work for your project, our team of experts needs to have a chat and assess your project first.
    We're always happy to chat! Scroll down to find our contact info and get in touch.

  • Are helical piers strong enough for industrial-scale energy storage projects?

    Absolutely. Helical piers aren't a "fringe technology", they're a tried-and-true foundation solution that's been supporting structures in the toughest conditions since the early 1830's.
    In fact, there's lighthouses over 140 years old that are still standing on wrought-iron helical piers! With the advanced materials and installation methods we have today, a helical pier foundation can comfortable support a structure of 1,000,000lbs and beyond.

  • Do I need special permits to use a helical pier foundation for energy storage?

    In most areas of the United States, helical piers are recognized as a valid (and desirable) deep-foundation solution. Chances are excellent you won't have any issues having a helical pier solution approved for your project.
    However, in the rare instance you do run into problems, our team is outstanding at helping helical foundations receive engineering approval. Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more.

  • How long does it take to install a helical pier foundation?

    There's many factors that influence how long it takes to install a helical pier. The type of energy storage you're building, conditions at your site, configuration of the foundation, and so on.
    On average however, helical piers will be faster than driven piers and much faster than poured concrete foundations.

  • How do I get a helical pier foundation for my energy storage project?

    It's easy! Get in touch with our team of foundation experts using the contact form below. We make getting a durable and long-lasting foundation for your energy storage project a breeze from start to finish.

Let's put your project on the right foundation

Eliminate the headaches and hassles of messy, awkward, and inefficient foundation systems. Get in touch with our team of energy storage foundation experts and see if a helical pier solution is right for you. We'll be honest if it isn't.

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