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Helical Foundation Design & Engineering

Eliminate waste, control costs, avoid problems, and uncover streamlined solutions to your toughest foundation questions

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Designing a helical pier foundation is equal parts science and art. Our team understands how to leverage the unique properties of the technology to overcome difficult site conditions, tight access, challenging structures, and harsh climates


Outstanding engineering results in phenomenal foundations. We work with trusted structural and geotechnical partners who are deeply experienced in shaping innovative solutions for the energy and industrial construction industries

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If you have an existing helical pier foundation design, it can be hugely beneficial to let another set of eyes review it. Our engineering team can improve your plans with an in-depth review that gives you confidence in your foundation plans


Our team works with valued engineering partners who have specific expertise in helical piers to deliver accurate and innovative foundations for the toughest projects

Why Great Foundation Engineering Matters

Often misunderstood and under-appreciated, here's why our team at S&B Helical firmly believes in putting phenomenal engineering first

Living Up To The "E" Part Of "EPC Contractor"

From the very beginning, we've made great engineering a priority for our foundations. Our team has seen too many helical pier projects face cost overruns, foundation problems, and outright failure, due to engineers not fully understanding the technology.
That's why we work with trusted engineering partners who have a deep knowledge of the unique properties of helical pier foundations. They understand how to leverage these characteristics to deliver designs that unlock the true power a helical foundation can offer your project.


Benefits For Your Foundation Projects

    Increase efficiency and economy

    Ensure safety and long-term performance

    Identify potential problems and avoid expensive mistakes

    Improve and refine existing designs

    Access to engineers experienced in helical piers

    Maintain building code-compliance

    Prevent delays and change orders