Don't hire a helical pier foundation contractor for your project until you've read this guide

From renewable energy to oil & gas, more industrial projects than ever are using helical pier foundations. Demand for helical foundation contractors is at a fever-pitch.
This 'helical pier gold rush' means there's countless amateur contractors running around like wild cowboys, doing shoddy helical pier work.
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'Cowboy Contractors' Causing Chaos for Construction Projects

What are "cowboy contractors"? These are the wild operators who ignore safety standards, refuse to follow best-practices, and take a lazy approach to their work.
At best these contractors are a waste of your time and money. At worst? They could cause the complete failure of your foundation.
This Industrial Helical Pier Buyers Guide will help you avoid dangerous fly-by-night amateurs and find the best foundation contractor for your project.
Written by a frustrated industry-insider, this is the advice some helical pier contractors don't want you to know.


Who wrote this guide?

I'm John Lisle, one of the founders at S&B Helical. We install helical pier foundations for renewable energy, oil & gas, and transmission & distribution, across the United States. I'm also a U.S. Army Veteran, husband and father, and dedicated to finding solutions to tough foundation challenges.
From the jobsite to the engineering table, I've worked with virtually every aspect of helical piers. Now, I want your project to benefit from the foundation lessons I've learned over the years.
See, while there's plenty of professional and experienced helical companies who maintain high standards, there's also unscrupulous contractors out to make a quick buck in a busy market.
I'm tired of 'cowboy contractors' running wild, doing lazy work, and giving helical piers a bad name. I wrote this guide to pull the curtain back on the industry and show you how to find the best helical foundation contractor.

What can this guide do for you?

    Shows you the exact traits to look for in a quality helical pier contractor

    Shows you the "insiders questions" you should ask to reveal if a contractor is a dangerous amateur

    Gives you a 'Helical Pier Contractor Checklist' that makes assessing helical pier contractors a snap

    Helps you avoid the expensive and time-consuming nightmare of working with a bad helical pier contractor

    Puts your project on the right footing for long-lasting success

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