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 Casey Palenshus<span class="dot">.</span>

Casey Palenshus.

Vice President of Operations
Casey Palenshus joined S&B in June of 2018. He leads company operations by creating a productive work environment, hiring experienced, skilled employees, and completing projects safely and efficiently. Casey is a team player who works to follow the company's vision by being the premier installer of foundation solutions in energy, industrial and commercial areas.

Casey began working in the Bakken after graduating high-school in early 2011. He began building his resume working as a roustabout constructing dirt foundations for pump units and tank batteries. He began working in the helical pier business soon after and worked his way up to supervising projects for complex deep steel foundations in multiple oil and gas projects for seven years. Casey's experience, dedication to his job, and success in the industry have landed him this position with S&B. Casey resides in Magnolia, TX, with his wife and children.