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Can You Reduce Your Carbon Emissions By Switching to a Helical Pier Foundation?

The pressure is on for the construction industry to slash CO2 emissions. Helical piers could be your answer to dramatically reducing the carbon emissions of your project. See how helical piers and concrete foundations compare in terms of CO2 emissions in this in-depth industry report on the carbon impacts of helical pier and concrete foundations.

What you'll learn in this free report

The climate impact of your construction project is more important than ever. Regulators, the public, and even investors, expect you to take big steps to curb the carbon output associated with your construction activities.
In this report, see how you can reduce your carbon impact without spending on new and novel materials. All the calculations are based on current accepted scientific figures and references are included.

  • Why the CO2 emissions of your construction projects are coming under increased scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers

  • Miscellaneous - 244_Expanded

    How the raw materials you use in your projects have an enormous impact on your emissions associated with construction

  • What key factors affect your CO2 emissions when it comes to your raw material selection

  • How helical pier foundations can dramatically reduce your raw material use and carbon emissions

  • C02/tonne calculations comparing both helical pier and poured concrete foundations

  • a

    How to reduce the emissions of your projects by over 300% without investing in new or novel materials

Who wrote this report?

We are S&B Helical - a team of deep foundation experts who plan, design, and install high-capacity foundations. Our focus is providing a phenomenal foundation experience for projects in renewable energy, transmission & distribution, oil & gas.