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Helical Pier Performance During Earthquakes & Soil Liquefaction

Uncover how helical pier foundations react to the earthquakes and soil liquefaction that threaten many regions of the Continental United States

Left Photo: Large diameter helical pier being installed by helical drive attached to excavator. Right Photo  Ground damage from an earthquake

What will you learn in this industry report?

Earthquake-resistant buildings are more important in the United States than ever before. As more regions face the danger of seismic activity, engineers are increasingly interested in better foundations for seismically-active regions.
If you're building in places like California, Alaska, the Central U.S., or beyond, you owe it to your project to read this report.

    The seismic forces involved in an earthquake and the effects they can have on deep foundations

    How "seismic waves" work and what makes some of them hyper-destructive while others create minimal effects

    What "soil liquefaction" is, how it works, and why it can create enormous amounts of destruction during an earthquake

    Failure modes of deep foundation piles when subjected to soil liquefaction

    Helical pier performance during seismic activity and soil liquefaction - from both an experimental perspective and real-world evidence

    What the science is saying about helical piers, earthquakes, and the future of foundations for seismically-prone regions of the United States

Who is behind this industry report?

John Lisle wears a few hats at S&B as he leads sales, marketing, estimation, and engineering. Identifying growth opportunities, creating and implementing operational strategies, and managing partnerships, are just a few of the things that keep his workday full.
John served in Iraq with the U.S. Army from 2004 - 2005. After deployment, he joined the police force at the Houston P.D. and volunteered with the Spring Volunteer F.D. John graduated summa cum laude from Mountain State University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He lives in Texas with his wife and children.

Portrait photo of John Lisle  Co-founder/ Vice president of S&B helical
Map of 48 US states representing S&B helical’s service area for helical foundations.

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