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Heavy Machinery

Support your Infrastructure with Deep Soil Foundation Solutions

Our expert foundation engineering brings innovative concepts to the helical pier foundation industry. We use the highest quality piers, and our installation processes require little to no dirt or concrete work. Our certified installers are committed to producing foundations for the best price with top-of-the-line technology and equipment. Helical pier foundations can be included in a new project as a proactive process to avoid costly repairs later. Helical pier foundation repair can take place as a remedial effort to fix damaged foundations such as underpinning. No matter the location or size of the job, S&B can develop plans and provide foundation engineering support to fit project specifications. We will find the right pier for the right application.

Oil and Gas 

S&B installs state of the art helical pier systems for the oil and gas industry. Helical piers counter frost heaves, settlement, expansive/unstable soils, equipment vibration, and movement, which reduces the risk of costly shutdowns. Furthermore, piers can be installed and removed quickly and safely, with little to no impact on existing infrastructure and the environment.

Our installation services are ideal for midstream infrastructures such as launcher and receivers, pig catchers, cryogenic plants, and compressor stations to upstream projects such as production facilities, LACT units, and pump jacks. Similarly, our services are a great fit for downstream refineries as well.  With no need for curing times and our proven technology, jobs will be completed on budget and schedule. S&B's certified installers have ISN, OSHA, PEC, and USDOT qualifications.

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Transmission and Distribution

In addition to oil and gas, S&B proudly serves a variety of clients in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) industry. We recognize the need to improve the reliability and capacity of America's T&D network. Due to a variety of poor soil conditions observed across the nation, there are various needs for helical piers in this industry. From the power plant, transformers, transmission lines, and substations, we have a helical pier solution for you. America relies on this infrastructure for everyday life, and S&B provides the dependability that T&D needs.